Hello world!

This is the playground of Simon Aunér on the interwebbz. I work with web development.

Work work

I am working as an IT Consultant at Netlight Consulting, Stockholm, Sweden, and love it! A former MSc Media Technology and Computer Science student at Linköping University, graduated in 2010.

I have a keen interest in human computer interaction, computer graphics, information visualization and web technlogy. Right now I'm deep into HTML5, CSS3 and advanced Javascript, creating edgy mobile web applications.


I spend quite some time on training. Currenly I'm into Triathlon. I've been switching between different sports over the years. Perhaps triathlon itself is varied enough to keep me interested? Did my first race in August 2011, olympic distance. Went OK, but I realize that there is a lot of training left before I will reach my goal (olympic distance below 1h 45 min).


You can find me on Twitter, where I rant about programming, technology, politics, movies, music and whatnot as @Auner.

For a more professional approach, I am also on LinkedIn, find me here.

The languages and technologies on the web have come a long way since I started out with web pages in the late 90's. Browser vendors and the community around web standards work to give us new interesting possibilities to communicate on web pages.

For the last year or so I have been developing advanced front-end web solutions with focus on Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. In this section I share some of the tools I use in my everyday work, along with some handy libraries/toolkits and must-have online resources.

Online resources

Good reading when you have some time over.

Mozilla Developer Network

The Mozilla Developer Network has, for me, become a de-facto reference for the the DOM JS API, Javascript methods, HTML(5) and CSS(3) properties. As it is in fact a wiki, the community keeps it up to date. It also has a lot of cool demos to provide inspiration. Even though it is a Mozilla site it also keeps documentation of other browser vendors special properties and differences. Plus, everytime a do a web-reference-related search on Google, I always add "mdn" to the search string to avoid having w3schools as a top result.

JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden is a great place to aimed at casting some light on common mistakes, bad practice and performance-related quirks of the wonderful language of Javascript.

Javascript Closures

If you think that the previous resource was still a bit too easy - don't you worry. This page lists a lot of peculiar things you can do with a bit of Javascript hacking. Every time I visit I learn something new.



The web log of Nicholas C. Zakas, author of Professional Javascript for Web Developers and YUI front-end developer guru. Also the author of CSS Lint.

Online tools

Online tools that aid you when working as a web developer.


JSLint is a great tool to verify your JS code. Use the online tool if you have code that you manage to copy-paste. If you're in a larger project there's also Maven plugins that do JSLint, and YUI:s JS compressor supports it out of the box. Also take some time to read about Douglas Crockford, the author of JSLint. He has got a lot of useful things to say about Javascript and web programming.


A JavaScript performance playground where you can define different test cases and then run them and compare performance. Very useful when you want to get that last bit of performance enhancement. jsPerf also keeps a list of already existing test cases, perhaps you will find some interesting performance improvements to your application which haven't though of?

CSS Lint

Does pretty much the same thing as JSLint. That is, helps you write better code (is CSS code?) and hurt your feelings. Haven't used it that much yet, but I think it will be a helpful tool for me in future projects.

JS Fiddle

JS Fiddle is a handy environment where you can set up HTML, CSS and Javascript and run it through the browser at run-time. Useful when you don't want to set ut a mock-up HMTL file, CSS and JS just to try some quick hack.

Toolkits, frameworks and libraries

So everyone in web development knows about jQuery, that's nothing new. I would like to take the opportunity to suggest some other tools that you might not know of.

Twitter Boostrap

Obviously, I have got to mention Twitter Bootstrap, which I used to get this page up and running. It's a really handy set of pre-defined CSS classes and Javascript UI utilities to quickly get a page up and running.

Ext JS

What started out as an extension of YUI has become a very powerful framework of its own. Ext JS used to build rich internet applications more than traditional homepages. Think of it as using C# with WPF but with Javascript and the DOM. Really handy, really powerful. Check out some of the cool demos to see what just a couple of lines of code can produce.